Teen Auto Insurance

teen auto insurance coverage is needed for young drivers like this woman in her car

Teen Auto Insurance Considerations: Safeguarding Young Drivers The day has arrived. Your teenager has just earned their driver’s license, and the excitement is palpable. However, with the newfound freedom comes new responsibilities, especially regarding insurance. Ensuring your teen is adequately covered without breaking the bank can be a balancing act for parents and guardians. Here,…

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Vehicle Monitoring for Insurance

Vehicle Monitoring

Driving with Confidence: Vehicle Monitoring for All Ages In an era where technology and innovation intertwine seamlessly with our daily lives, vehicle monitoring applications have emerged as a beacon of security and peace of mind for parents of teen and older drivers alike. These applications empower you to monitor driving habits and encourage responsible driving…

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Commercial Auto Insurance

commercial auto insurance

The Importance of Commercial Auto Insurance Commercial auto insurance is a protection pillar in the fast-paced business world, a shield safeguarding companies and their assets. For businesses that involve vehicles, be it a single car or a fleet of trucks, commercial auto insurance isn’t merely an option—it’s a vital component of business security. Why Commercial…

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Insuring Electric Cars

electric car charging

Insuring Electric Cars and Impact Your Insurance Premiums The rise of electric vehicles (EVs) has sparked a revolution not only in how we drive but also in how we insure our cars. Many consumers ask, “Will driving an electric car affect my insurance premiums?” The answer is nuanced. In this blog post, we’ll dive into…

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Off-Road Insurance

Off-road coverage is needed for this type of driving

Navigating Off-Road Insurance: Understanding Your Coverage Needs Hello, adventurous spirits! If you’re an off-road enthusiast who’s been swept up in the thrill of a Jeep on a rugged trail, you already know that driving off-road requires different skills than traditional road driving. But have you considered how these different circumstances affect your insurance needs? At…

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Distracted Driving Awareness Month

distracted driving awareness - it is not just texting

Stay Safe on the Road: April is Distracted Driving Awareness Month Greater Pittsburgh Insurance Consultants is committed to keeping our community safe on the road.  The National Safety Council has named April – Distracted Driving Awareness Month.  We are joining the campaign to spread the word about the dangers of distracted driving.  This awareness is…

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It is time to review your insurance policies

GPIC Group suggests insurance checklists for updating your policies

The Importance of Regularly Reviewing Your Insurance Policies: A Checklist for Greater Pittsburgh Residents As life changes, so do your insurance needs. Whether buying a new home, welcoming a baby, or starting a business, ensuring your insurance policies keep up with your evolving lifestyle is essential. Greater Pittsburgh Insurance Consultants (GPIC Group) are here to…

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Why you need specialty auto insurance

specialty auto insurance is required for classic cars like this

Whether you own an antique, a collectible, or your custom-built roadster, your Specialty Auto is a labor of love and you need specialty auto insurance. If you’re like most enthusiasts, you’ve poured many hours of time and effort into making your auto something unique and special. But, at Greater Pittsburgh Insurance Consultants, Inc., we realize…

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